Two Rivers offers an opportunity to developers to purchase development rights. Two Rivers has secured 1.3 million square metres of development rights that enable developers to build on the parcels of land of up to 8 times the plot ratio for each stand.

The development rights have been calculated on develop-able bulk. Two Rivers has to date the highest plot ratios of between 5 to 8 times the plot ratio.

These development rights encompass the following:

  • Developable Bulk for medium to high density residential, commercial and mixed use

  • Infrastructure to each site that covers:

  1. Road infrastructure network

  2. Power to the plot boundary

  3. Water and sewer connections to each plot boundary

  4. The ability to build up to the plot boundary as green areas and common areas have been designed

  5. Topographical surveys for each stand

  6. Design development guidelines to enable a cohesive look and feel of the development

  7. Master planning of the entire development to ensure a standardised look and feel of buildings


Approved Master Plan - PDF

Two Rivers Development Available Plots - PDF